Ritu Kolentine Wins Best Bridal Makeup Studio Award Third Time In A Row

For the third year in a row running, Ritu Kolentine’s Makeover Studio has been awarded with ‘Best Bridal Makeover Studio’ by Indian Salon and Wellness Congress 2018 held at JW Mariott, New Delhi.

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“Thanks and gratitude to my team and our client’s blessings. Thanks to my family who have always supported me. We rock Kolentine team” said Ritu Kolentine while accepting the award.

Sun kissed bride

Sunkissed Bride

Sleek hair and statement eyes, soft, dewy make-up, like pink lips and light orange bronze shimmer makes it a sun kissed bride. Shiny bronze with t-zone to be highlighted and apricot blush on the apples will complete the look. You can experiment by pop out lips but restrict it to minimal pink and orange tone allowing natural beauty to shine through.

Fiery colour palette with streaks of earthy rusts and orange pink pigment as natural arts taking back to the natural roots. This is the perfect embellished hair tie with maatha patti and gajra for D day- the wedding day fitting into middle part bun.

Freeze the frame

Freeze the frame 1

Voluminous hair and a subtle lip colour, muted look. Not only wedding functions, there is much more before wedding. The pre-bridal shoot look should be subtle yet elegant and dreamy. Focus is more on apple blush on with peach highlighting with complete nude lips. Since look is mute and nude, play with the over exaggerated hairstyle.This is the ideal time (pre-bridal) to experiment with your hair—think floral hair wreaths and accessories. Soft, dewy make-up, like pink lips and light shimmer, should do the trick.


 Mohawk Radiance 1

Go for Mohawk way to add something different to your hairstyle. Imagine this style with a fully ethnic way?  Add a punch with this mohauk style with just wink eyeliner plus nude lips and stone hair accessories giving it completely traditional yet peppy look for the wedding day or engagement.

 It opens the sides of your face, revealing beautiful cheekbones and the jawline, simultaneously creating volume on top.

 If you are growing bored with vampy lips and charcoal smoky eyes, then pink is the solution for your winter makeup rut. While darker, richer colors tend to be celebrated in the colder months, but we are staying pretty in pink. W e can create a monochromatic look on eyes, cheeks and lips. Apply a nearly identical blush shade to the apples of your cheeks and finish off the look with a soft pink lipstick with a satin finish.